Town of Shawangunk

Life in Shawangunk

The Town of Shawangunk is one of the best places to live in the Hudson Valley. With a friendly community of about 15,000, the residents of Shawangunk enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle with access to a wide-range of recreational activities and great public schools.

Shawangunk comprises several villages including, Wallkill and Pine Bush.



The 56 square miles of land and small hamlets of Shawangunk provide its residents with the perfect combination of privacy and community. The people who live here are united by a common passion for the beautiful surroundings and the area’s rich history.



Clubs and Organizations

There are many local clubs and organizations that meet throughout the year, including the Lions Club of Wallkill, the American Legion Posts of Wallkill and Pinebush and the Walker Valley Community Enhancement Committee. Seasonal festivals and fairs are held during the year to bring people together to enjoy the local culture.

For children, there are also several opportunities to participate in the community, like the Wallkill Cub Scout Pack, the Wallkill Youth Football Club and the Pine Bush Little League, to name a few.


Depending on where they live in the Town of Shawangunk, parents either send their children to the schools of the Wallkill Central School District of the Pine Bush Central School District. Both of these school systems are highly regarded for their small class sizes and community involvement.