Blog :: 12-2015

Ways to cut down on your holiday energy bill

We all know that the holidays can be a very expensive time of year with house guests, holiday meals and festive holiday lights.  Here are some tips to save energy during the holidays:

  • Set time on your side-use timers for your holiday displays so that they are not accidently left on all night.
  • Get your guests on the energy saving bandwagon-remind them to turn off lights when leaving a room.
  • Choose glass or ceramic pans for the oven-these pans heat faster than metal ones and allow you to lower the cooking temperature.
  • Use Crock-pots and microwaves-these smaller appliances are more energy efficient for side dishes, small meals or left-overs.
  • Wait to wash-wash only full loads in laundry machines & dishwashers and use energy saver, air-dry cycle and cold water in washers.
  • Bake before you clean-only use the self cleaning oven feature when necessary and start right after you've cooked to take advantage of the pre-existing heat.
  • Deck the halls with LED's-they are the bright choice to get more for your money & last 10 times longer than incandescent holiday lights.



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    Fall Maintenance Checklist

    Are you ready for winter?  Even though it's off to a slow start here in the Hudson Valley, it's right around the corner.  Your home is your one of your most valuable possessions, so don't take any chances and not be prepared.  Here are some tips to keep you warm and worry free over the winter.

    • Stow your lawn mower-add stablzer to your gas to keep it in good condition over the winter
    • Store your hoses and turn off the outdoor water source
    • Drain and turn off your sprinkler system
    • Seal cracks around your doors and windows-Exterior caulk is easier to work with on days over 50 degrees
    • Clean and tighten your gutters & downspouts-clogged rain gutters can cause ice dams
    • Inspect your roof-look for cracked or broken shingles & replace if necessary
    • Direct drainage away from your house to avoid water soaking in around your foundation
    • Get your furnace serviced and replace furnace filters if necessary
    • Prune your plants and trees to keep the limbs and branches away from your roofing and siding
    • Give your fireplace a once over-with a flashlight look up for blockages and check that the damper is working