Anatomy of Buying A Home

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeSerivces Hudson Valley Properties, we want to be sure that you're home buying process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Below, we have mapped out the entire buying process from the time you schedule a meeting with an agent all the way up to closing day. If you have any additional questions about the buying process, or if you are ready to get started, contact BHHS Hudson Valley Properties. Not quite ready to reach out? Check out our additional buyer's resources.

Phase 1

Phase one of the home buying process includes counseling with an agent to go over the different types of agency relationships, getting prequalified at the bank, and reviewing available properties.

  • Attend a counseling session with an agent
  • Review with the agent the three types of agency relationships
  • Agree and sign an agency relationship
  • Get a prequalification letter from the bank
  • Review available properties
  • View the homes that meet your needs

Phase 2

Phase two starts once you've decided on a home that you want to put an offer on. We will work with you to review comparable properties to make sure that the right offer is presented to the seller. In this phase, you will also file a mortgage application and hire an attorney. 

  • Review comps
  • Prepare a purchase offer
  • Be prepared for negotiations
  • Come to an agreement to purchase
  • File a mortgage application
  • Hire an attorney

Phase 3

In this phase, we will have the attorney review the purchase offer, schedule a time to have the home inspected and review any concerns with the agent.

  • Have an attorney review the purchase offer
  • Schedule a home inspection
  • Be available to do an inspection for up to 4 hours
  • Review concerns and email any concerns to the agent

Phase 4

Phase four is all about finalizing that contract and figuring out the costs of anything that might have come up during the home inspection. 

  • If necessary, get quotes from specialists
  • Sign the contract
  • Send the contract to the seller to sign
  • Provide the bank with any additional paperwork they may require
  • Deliver the contact to the bank

Phase 5

Once the contract is signed by both parties, it's time to obtain homeowners insurance and to get all of the utilities transferred into your name. If anything was found in the inspection, this is the phase where the work will be completed. Once everything is obtained and the work is completed, you're going to want to start looking at and finding moving companies and making the reservation for the truck. 

  • Obtain homeowners insurance
  • Transfer all utilities into your name
  • Reserve the moving truck
  • Verify that all work agreed upon has been completed

Phase 6

Phase six is the final phase, you're almost a homeowner! There are a few more steps to finalize the process. You and the seller are going to agree on a closing date, which officially transfers the ownership from the seller to the buyer.

  • Have the power of attorney documents signed
  • Confirm the time, date and location of the closing
  • Ascertain final closing costs
  • Get a bank check for the final down payment
  • Be sure to have a photo ID and checkbook with checks
  • Schedule and do a final walkthrough of the home
  • Attend closing day
  • File for closing costs
  • Do a performance survey for Colucci Shand Realty

Welcome, Home!

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