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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

To Whom It May Concern When I decided to sell my house, I interviewed six agents. Terry Jacobus was recommended to me by a friend, who described her to me as someone who clearly loved her job and was very very good at doing it. So I met with her as well as the other agents. I love my house and wanted to sell it, of course, but wanted to go with an agent who understood how special and unique it was, while being able to guide me through the realities of readying me and my house for sale. I wanted someone who could give advice, but also someone who listened to me and be available to me. I wanted someone who was as excited to sell my house to someone who would love it as much as I do, and yet knew the financial and negotiating ins and outs of these transactions, which I certainly do not. I chose Terry to be my agent, and she has done all the above and more. She has made suggestions to help guide me in making the house more "sale worthy", things I did not see, having lived with them for so many years. When deciding on a price, I opted to go high. It is a seller's market after all. She told me it was a risk, that I might not sell at that price, We could always lower it. But if I wanted to do it that way, she was with me. The house did not sell at that higher price and is now at the price she originally suggested. She was right of course. But I really appreciated that she gave her opinion, yet let me see for myself how the potential buyers responded. There has been a marked uptick in viewers with the price adjustment and I am confident it will sell. Terry is always available to me. I really appreciate her taking the time, whenever I need it, to explain things to me, answer questions, give her opinion based on years in the business. In addition, she is just a pleasure to work with. This is such an intense and emotionally (and financially) fraught experience. It makes a huge difference for me to know that she is "on my team" and together we can make this happen. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The fact that she has a great dog and a wonderful sense of humor are additional bonuses! I would not hesitate to recommend Terry to anyone looking for a great real estate agent. She is that, and so much more. I admire her integrity and trust her completely.

To Whom it May Concern,

I met Terry Jacobus on a friend’s recommendation after working with a few other listing agents. Terry was exactly what I was looking for! She communicated clearly, honestly and promptly and I trusted her judgment as she carefully explained and provided evidence for her suggestions. She returned calls quickly and took time to clarify anything I did not understand. She worked well with my lawyer and I always felt like I could count on her. She was upfront and direct. She had my property sold in 4 months after it had been sitting on the market for over three years. I promptly recommended her to a friend who was looking to buy in the area and she and her husband thanked me for the recommendation as Terry found them a lovely house in a short time. Terry is a great fit and a pleasure to work with.



We decided to select Colucci Shand Realty when we sold our home in January 2018.  We chose Colucci Shand because we had an excellent experience with them when they sold my wife's mothers house many years ago.  They did an excellent job then. Colucci Shand Agent Linda Majetich Hansen came highly recommended from friends and family. She did not disappoint us!  Linda is friendly, outgoing, helpful, caring, responsive and extremely knowledgable in the area of real estate.  She took the time to meet with us several times to understand our thoughts, what our home was about and what our specific requirements were in order to sell our home.  She made several suggestions on actions we could do to enhance the selling price without going overboard.  She laid out all the activities and the timing of the sale requirements.  She really knows how to best match up potential buyers with your wishes and the homes attributes.  Our home sold in a week.  Linda helped take the stress out of the whole experience!  We highly recommend Colucci Shand Realty and Linda when you decide to sell your home!



My husband John Cordo and I have had the pleasure of working with one of your agents Terry Jacobus on the purchase of our summer/weekend home at 358 Guilford Road in Gardiner.  Although we closed on the house over a year ago, I have long desired to write you a letter to express our sincere gratitude for all that Terry did for us. 

Terry always had our best interest in mind whether it was securing a reputable contractor to receive an estimate on items that may need to be repaired, or helping us understand the negotiating process.  She was very knowledgeable of the neighborhood and area as well, which allowed us to visualize our lives in Gardiner. 

Terry was consistently poised and patient through every transaction.  She also kept us calm when things were stressful and uncertain.  I highly recommend Terry to anyone who may be looking to sell or buy a home in the area!  We're very happy that we had her as our agent.

Good Morning,

I wanted to share my feedback on my recent experience with Colucci Shand Realty.  Our real estate agent, Monique McCutcheon successfully helped us buy land two years ago where we planned to build our future home.  This year, my husband and I changed our minds and found a foreclosed home, thanks to Monique keeping us on a listing notification email that would better suit our growing family.  She helped us maneuver the foreclosure process which proved to be quite lengthy and complicated.  Thankfully we closed on the home earlier this month.  At the same time, Monique helped us list and sell our land so quickly which helped us tremendously to have the funds needed to work on our new home.  

Throughout all of these transactions, Monique was accessible, answering questions, making calls on our behalf, making sure we had all available information to make informed decisions. She is honest, trustworthy and dedicated to her clients.  I highly recommend Monique McCutcheon and Colucci Shand Realty for any of your future real estate transactions.





Linda Majetich Hansen and Colucci Shand did a really magnificent job of selling our Gardiner country home.  I own a real estate agency in Manhattan and was happy to work with the best agency in Ulster County.  So appreciative of their dedication and expertise they offered throughout the whole process.


Realtor Monique McCutcheon found my family our dream home and then sold our previous house in under a week!  Monique made the challenging and stressful process of house hunting a pleasure with her warmth and patience.  She helped us to make thoughtful decisions that lead to us waiting for just the right house and getting above asking on our previous home.   In a day and age when real estate apps promise immediate notice to new listings, I found that most good deals were gone before I could even preview the house.  Our dream home would have slipped through our hands if it wasn't for Monique's insight into what we really wanted.  Monique's warmth and generous spirit are matched only by her integrity and professionalism.  In a process that results in thirty years of monthly payments, knowing that you can trust your realtor is a must.

My husband and I recently bought a house with Terry Jacobus as our buyer's realtor.

She was phenomenal to work with. She was patient and informative without ever being intrusive, and she guided us through the real estate transaction with great knowledge and respect. She worked both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve when the need arose without any complaint. When we looked at houses she was cheerful and agreeable company.

She also gave us great advice for who to hire for painting and remodeling and fixing up our house before we moved in. 

When we sell our old house we intend to ask her to be our agent and we will recommend her to all our friends who are looking to buy or sell. 


In electing a real estate agent I look for local expertise, competence as well as timely and thorough follow-up on commitments made.  The first two agents with whom I considered for my search fell short.  Monique McCutcheon and Colucci Shand Realty met and, in-fact, exceeded my expectations.  They guided me through the entire process resulting in the ideal house for the right price.  My wife and I were quite pleased with the experience and highly recommend Monique and Colucci Shand realty.



Dear sir/madam,

I feel compelled to write a note to acknowledge Linda Majetich Hansen. She is a wonderful realtor, who provided us with the most fantastic service. Linda is knowledgeable and personable and the search for a house was so pleasant because it was with her. In fact, the down side of finding our home, is that we won't see Linda so much!

I would highly recommend her, and in fact have done so already, to friends who may be looking for a home in the Hudson Valley.

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